Moscou, Team Pursuit 2006

Date: 16-12-2006
Distance: 4 km
Track – World Cup
Departure: Moscou (Moscou City), Russia
Arrival: Moscou (Moscou City), Russia
Category UCI: CDM
Main Moscou, Team Pursuit


1 Edward Clancy  GBRin 04m 03.275s
1 Geraint Thomas  GBRin
1 Chris Newton  GBRin
1 Paul Manning  GBRin
2 Ivan Kovalev  RUSat 03.341s
2 Alexander Serov  RUSat
2 Nikolai Trusov  RUSat
2 Ivan Rovny  RUSat
3 Robert Bartko  GERat 02.473s
3 Robert Bengsch  GERat
3 Guido Fulst  GERat
3 Leif Lampater  GERat

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