About us

Cycling Archives offers space to cycling fans to save the history and the present of cycling the most completely. Everyone who wants cooperate in what kind of manner is of course more than welcome. We collect everything! Results, Teams, photographs, tales, facts and anecdotes and other interesting facts.

Cycling Archives uses information from the press, newspapers, illustrated magazines, television, radio, the Internet and private sources. We want to mention especially:
Danmarks Cykle Union
Italia Ciclismo
Koninklijke Nederlandsche Wielren Unie
Memoire du cyclisme
Norges Cykleforbund
Bund Deutscher Radfahrer
Svenska Cykelförbundet
Velo Wallon
Wielerbond Vlaanderen

Besides the sent information of visitors the growing file of cyclists and information on Cycling Archives it is regularly contributed by:

Jean Bollaerts, Belgium
Ronny De Schepper, Belgium
Kristof De Wulf, Belgium
Jaak Decoster, Belgium
Stefaan Degryse, Belgium
peter deneef, Belgium
Ivan DHooghe, Belgium
Marc Holderbeke, Belgium
Frans Nauwelaerts, Belgium
Jonah Simanjuntak, Belgium
Gerard Vervaeke, Belgium
Johnny Van Zundert, Belgium
Peter Meier, Chile
Christian Desbrosses, France
Philippe Huguenin, France
daniel schamps, France
Klaus Eweleit, Germany
Peter Fenech, Germany
Renate Franz, Germany
Paul Gruhner, Germany
Roy Avis, Great Britain
Raymond Barker, Great Britain
Bob Barlow, Great Britain
Edward Buist, Great Britain
Darwin Caldwell, Great Britain
ray green, Great Britain
Alan Jack, Great Britain
Graham Jones, Great Britain
Mr S McGINTY McGINTY, Great Britain
vishnu bhadoriya, India
Julian Dalby, Ireland
osvaldo barbetta, Italy
Giovanni Cambria, Italy
Paolo Mannini, Italy
Nottori Nin, Japan
Floor b, Netherland Antilles
Eduardo Lopes, Portugal
antoni destrieux , Spain
Julio Gonzalez, Spain
Marcel Segessemann, Switzerland
marcel summermatter, Switzerland
, The Netherlands
Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Jack Claassen, The Netherlands
Johan Devos, The Netherlands
Wim Dingemanse, The Netherlands
Jan Feddes, The Netherlands
Sjaak den Herder, The Netherlands
Bengt-Arne Hulleman, The Netherlands
bert hulleman, The Netherlands
Martin Kemp, The Netherlands
Jelle Rieske, The Netherlands
Roel Smelser, The Netherlands
Miel Vanstreels, The Netherlands
Peter Vonck, The Netherlands
Hugo Ghezzi, Uruguay