Floris Gerts

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Name: Floris
Family name: Gerts
Nationality: The Netherlands
Age: 25 years
Date of birth: 03-05-1992
Place of birth: Maastricht (Limburg), The Netherlands

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 850
Points: 129.00







UCI Ranking



All races

2012    5º in Nieuwrode, Nieuwrode (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    1º in Hoogstraten (b), Hoogstraten (Antwerpen), Belgium 
2012    5º in Kieldrecht (b), Kieldrecht (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

2013    1º in Stage 2 Tour de Franche Comté Cycliste, Champlitte (Franche-Comte), France 
2013    8º in Ronde van Midden-Nederland, (Utrecht (a)), Utrecht (Utrecht), The Netherlands 
2013    5º in Ronde van de Molen, (Oosterhout (a)), Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 
2013    1º in GP de la Magne IC 1, (Soumagne (d)), Soumagne (Liege), Belgium 
2013    4º in Assendelft, Assendelft (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands 

2014    5º in GP RWC Rotterdam, (Rotterdam (s)), Rotterdam (Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands 
2014    3º in Ronde van Lieshout, (Lieshout), Lieshout (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 
2014    10º in Stage 2 Tour des Fjords, Haugesund (Rogaland), Norway 
2014    6º in Vlaamse/Antwerpse Havenpijl, Belgium 
2014    5º in General Classification Volta Ciclista Provincia de Valencia, Elite/U23, Spain 
2014    9º in Gooikse Pijl, (Gooik (a)), Gooik (Brabant), Belgium 
2014    1º in Assendelft, Assendelft (Noord-Holland), The Netherlands 
2014    1º in Zele Individueel, (Zele), Zele (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

2015    1º in Dorpenomloop Rucphen, (Rucphen), Rucphen (Noord-Brabant), The Netherlands 
2015    1º in Stage 6 Ronde van Normandië, (Tour de Normandie), Caen (Basse-Normandie), France 
2015    9º in General Classification Ronde van Normandië, (Tour de Normandie), France 
2015    5º in Stage 7 Tour de Bretagne, Liffré (Bretagne), France 
2015    8º in Ardense Pijl, (Flèche Ardennaise), Belgium 
2015    1º in Stage 2 Triptyque Ardennaise, Butgenbach (Liege), Belgium 
2015    2º in Stage 3 Tour des Pays de Savoie, Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne (Rhone-Alpes), France 
2015    2º in Trofee Jong Maar Moedig I.W.T., (Oetingen), Oetingen (Brabant), Belgium 
2015    1º in Omloop Het Volk, Trofee Het Volk, (Omloop Het Nieuwsblad voor Beloften & elite z/c), Belgium 
2015    6º in Stage 2 Arctic Race of Norway, Setermoen (Troms), Norway 
2015    1º in GP de la Magne IC 1, (Soumagne (d)), Soumagne (Liege), Belgium 
2015    9º in Stage 4 Daily-Express Tour, (Tour of Britain), Blythe (Northumberland), Great Britain 
2015    3º in GP Raymond Impanis - Kampenhout Interclub, (Kampenhout), Belgium 
2015    4º in Japan Cup, (Utsunomiya-shi), Utsunomiya-shi (Tochigi), Japan 

2016    18º in Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, (Geelong), Geelong (Victoria), Australia 
2016    1º in Limburg Classic, (Hel van het Mergelland), Eijsden (Limburg), The Netherlands 
2016    6º in Stage 1 Tour de Yorkshire Three Day, (Yorkshire 3 day), Settle (North Yorkshire), Great Britain 
2016    14º in Stage 2 Ronde van Polen, Polen-Rundfahrt, Tour of Poland, (Tour de Pologne), Katowice (Śląskie), Poland 
2016    7º in London-Surrey Cycle Classic, Olympic Test Event, Ride London Classic, (London - Surrey), Great Britain 
2016    15º in GP Raymond Impanis - Kampenhout Interclub, (Kampenhout), Belgium 

2017    12º in General Classification Dubai Tour, United Arab Emirates 

Photo: © Tim de Waele
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Victories in the database: 11
Road – Stage: 3
Road - Race: 8
Victories by team/year:
2014: 2 victories
2015: 5 victories
2016: 1 victory
2017: 0 victories

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