Sergio Samitier Samitier

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Name: Sergio
Family name: Samitier Samitier
Nationality: Spain
Age: 22 years
Date of birth: 31-08-1995
Place of birth: Barbastro (Aragon), Spain


All races

2015    9º in Zumaiako Saria, (Zumaia (a)), Zumaia (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2015    2º in Memorial Luis Muñoz, (Sabiñánigo (b)), Sabiñánigo (Aragon), Spain 
2015    5º in Memorial Jose Maria Anza, (Tolosa (b)), Tolosa (Pais Vasco), Spain 

2016    1º in Subida a Gorla, (Bergara (a)), Bergara (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2016    5º in Memorial Valenciaga, (Eibar), Eibar (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2016    1º in Trofeo Eusebio Velez, (Durana), Durana (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2016    1º in Championship of Aragon, Road, Elite w/o contract, Spain, Spain 
2016    1º in Stage 1 Vuelta a Navarra, Elite/U23, Estella (Navarra), Spain 
2016    4º in General Classification Vuelta a Navarra, Elite/U23, Spain 
2016    4º in Altzoko Igoera - Subida a Altzo, (Altzo), Altzo (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2016    2º in GP San Lorenzo, (Huesca), Huesca (Aragon), Spain 
2016    1º in Zaldibia Sari Nagusia, (Zaldivia (a)), Zaldivia (Pais Vasco), Spain 

2017    1º in Circuito de Pascuas, (Oteiza), Spain 
2017    2º in Memorial Valenciaga, (Eibar), Spain 
2017    1º in Santikutz Klasika - Prueba Santa Cruz, (Legazpia), Spain 
2017    1º in Stage 1 Vuelta a Bidasoa, (Bidasoa Itzulia), Igantzi (Navarra), Spain 
2017    2º in Stage 2 Vuelta a Bidasoa, (Bidasoa Itzulia), Hondarribia (Pais Vasco), Spain 
2017    1º in General Classification Vuelta a Bidasoa, (Bidasoa Itzulia), Spain 
2017    2º in General Classification Copa de España, Elite/U23, Spain 
2017    2º in National Championship, Road, ITT, U23, Spain, Spain 
2017    3º in General Classification Volta Ciclista Provincia de Valencia, Elite/U23, Spain 

Photo: © Lizarte - Ugarrandia
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Victories in the database: 9
Classification – Road – General Classification: 1
Road – Stage: 2
Road – Regional Championship: 1
Road - Race: 5
Victories by team/year:
2014: 0 victories
2015: 0 victories
2016: 5 victories
2017: 4 victories
2018: 0 victories

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