Joshua Dubau

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Name: Joshua
Family name: Dubau
Nationality: France
Age: 22 years
Date of birth: 04-06-1996
Place of birth: Reims (Champagne-Ardenne), France


All races

2013    2º in Cauberg Cyclo-cross, (Valkenburg aan de Geul, Cyclo-cross, Juniors), Valkenburg aan de Geul (Limburg), The Netherlands 

2014    1º in Vouziers, Cyclo-cross, Vouziers (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
2014    2º in National Championship, Mountainbike, XC, Juniors, France, France 
2014    1º in Houdain, Cyclo-cross, Houdain (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
2014    1º in Le Quesnoy, Cyclo-cross, Le Quesnoy (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
2014    1º in La Fossette, (Barlin, Cyclo-cross), Barlin (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
2014    1º in La Grandville, Cyclo-cross, La Grandville (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
2014    1º in Carnetin, Cyclo-cross, Carnetin (Ile-de-France), France 
2014    2º in Jablines, Cyclo-cross, Jablines (Ile-de-France), France 
2014    6º in Fontenay-lès-Briis, Cyclo-cross, Fontenay-lès-Briis (Centre), France 
2014    2º in Savigny-sur-Orge, Cyclo-cross, Savigny-sur-Orge (Ile-de-France), France 
2014    3º in Trophée Elephant Bleu, (Monampteuil, Cyclo-cross), Monampteuil (Picardie), France 
2014    2º in Wissous, Cyclo-cross, Wissous (Ile-de-France), France 
2014    3º in Mont Olympe, (Charleville-Mézières, Cyclo-cross (a)), Charleville-Mézières (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
2014    4º in Dugny, Cyclo-cross, Dugny (Ile-de-France), France 
2014    5º in Prix-lès-Mézières, Cyclo-cross, Prix-lès-Mézières (Champagne-Ardenne), France 
2014    2º in Championship of Champagne-Ardenne, Cyclo-cross, Elite, France, France 

2015    2º in Albi, Cyclo-cross, U23, Albi (Midi-Pyrenees), France 
2015    2º in Flamanville, Cyclo-cross, U23, Flamanville (Basse-Normandie), France 

2016    1º in Bastogne, Mountainbike, U23, Bastogne (Luxembourg), Belgium 
2016    2º in Erôme Gervans, (Érôme, Cyclo-cross, U23), France 

2017    3º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23, France, Lanarvily (Bretagne), France 
2017    1º in Besançon, Cyclo-cross, U23, Besançon (Franche-Comte), France 
2017    1º in Val d'Ille Cyclo-cross Tour, (La Mézière, Cyclo-cross, U23), La Mézière (Bretagne), France 

2018    1º in General Classification Coupe de France, Cyclo-cross, U23, France 
2018    2º in Grand Prix du Nouvel-An, (Pétange, Cyclo-cross), Pétange (Luxembourg), Luxemburg 
2018    2º in National Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23, France, Quelneuc (Bretagne), France 
2018    3º in Nommay, Cyclo-cross, U23, Nommay (Franche-Comte), France 
2018    3º in Razès, Cyclo-cross, Razès (Limousin), France 
2018    3º in Pierric, Cyclo-cross, Pierric (Pays de la Loire), France 
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Victories in the database: 10
Cyclo-cross - Race: 8
Classification – Cyclo-cross – Final Classification: 1
Mountainbike – Race: 1
Victories by team/year:
2013: 0 victories
2015: 0 victories
2017: 2 victories
2018: 1 victory
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