Roland Thalmann

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Name: Roland
Family name: Thalmann
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 26 years
Date of birth: 05-08-1993
Place of birth: Romoos (Luzern), Switzerland
Professional: 2015-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1129
Points: 52.00









UCI Ranking



All races

2011    2º in GP Luzern, (Pfaffnau, Cyclo-cross, Juniors), Pfaffnau (Luzern), Switzerland 

2014    4º in Witternheim, Witternheim (Alsace), France 
2014    1º in Troyes - Dijon, Dijon (Bourgogne), France 

2015    3º in Oberwangen, Oberwangen (Thurgau), Switzerland 

2016    8º in Tour du Doubs, Trophée Stan Ockers, (Morteau - Pontarlier), France 

2017    6º in International Rhodes GP, (Rodos), Rodos (Dhodhekanisos), Greece 
2017    9º in General Classification Tour of Rhodes, Greece 
2017    9º in Stage 2 Sibiu Cycling Tour, Balea Lac (Sibiu), Romania 
2017    1º in Arif Mannschafszeitfahren, (La Brevine, Chrono), Switzerland  + Lukas Jaun  + Damian Lüscher  + Matthias Reutimann  + Colin Chris Stüssi 

2018    8º in Trofeo Laigueglia, (Laigueglia), Italy 
2018    10º in Giro dell'Appennino, Ronde van de Appennijnen, (Pontedecimo), Italy 
2018    16º in GP Kanton Aargau Gippingen, GP du canton d'Argovie, (Gippingen), Switzerland 
2018    5º in Stage 3 Oberösterreich Rundfahrt, Ulrichsberg (Oberösterreich), Austria 
2018    6º in General Classification Oberösterreich Rundfahrt, Austria 
2018    3º in Stage 4 Tour des Pays de Savoie, Belleville (Rhone-Alpes), France 
2018    9º in Stage 1 Ronde van Oostenrijk, (Österreich-Rundfahrt), Feldkirch (Vorarlberg), Austria 
2018    10º in General Classification Tour of Hainan, China 

2019    3º in General Classification Tour of Rhodes, Greece 
2019    8º in General Classification Circuit des Ardennes, France 
2019    3º in Stage 1 Ronde van Trentino - Tour of the Alps, (Giro del Trentino), Kufstein (Tirol), Austria 
2019    9º in Stage 3 Ronde van Trentino - Tour of the Alps, (Giro del Trentino), Baselga di Pinè (Trentino-Alto Adige), Italy 
2019    5º in Stage 5 Ronde van Trentino - Tour of the Alps, (Giro del Trentino), Bolzano (Trentino-Alto Adige), Italy 
2019    9º in General Classification Ronde van Trentino - Tour of the Alps, (Giro del Trentino), Italy 
2019    15º in Stage 2 Ronde van Zwitserland, (Tour de Suisse), Langnau i.E (Bern), Switzerland 
2019    7º in General Classification Tour Alsace, France 
2019    7º in Croatia - Slovenia, (Ljubljana - Zagreb), Slovenia 
2019    1º in King of the Lake, (Schörfling, Chrono), Austria  + Colin Chris Stüssi  + Patrick Schelling  + Lukas Meiler  + Maximilian Kuen  + Davide Orrico 

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Victories in the database: 3
Road – Team Time Trial: 2
Road - Race: 1
Victories by team/year:
2014: 1 victory
2015: 0 victories
2016: 0 victories
2017: 1 victory
2018: 0 victories
2019: 1 victory
2020: 0 victories

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