Takeaki Amezawa

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Name: Takeaki
Family name: Amezawa
Nationality: Japan
Age: 26 years
Date of birth: 04-02-1995
Place of birth:
Professional: 2016-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1200
Points: 40.00






All races

2012    3º in part E1 Simofusa, Criterium, Japan 

2013    13º in Ibukiyama Driveway Hill Climb, (Sekigahara), Sekigahara (Gifu), Japan 
2013    3º in National Championship, Road, Juniors, Japan, Oita-shi (Oita), Japan 
2013    16º in Japan Cup Open Race, (Utsunomiya-shi (a)), Utsunomiya-shi (Tochigi), Japan 

2014    11º in Utsunomiya-shi, Criterium, Elite/U23, Utsunomiya-shi (Tochigi), Japan 
2014    2º in JBCF Time Trial Nanki Shirahama, (Shirahama, Chrono), Shirahama (Wakayama), Japan 
2014    19º in Gunma CSC Road Race, (Minakami), Minakami (Gumma), Japan 
2014    6º in part Q2 Oita Ikoinomichi Criterium, (Oita-shi, Criterium), Oita-shi (Oita), Japan 
2014    4º in Masuda Challenger's Stage Course, (Masuda), Masuda (Shimane), Japan 

2015    8º in National Championship, Road, ITT, U23, Japan, Otawara (Tochigi), Japan 

2016    4º in Stage 1 Miyata, Miyata (Aichi), Japan 
2016    3º in General Classification Volta Provincia de Valencia, Spain 
2016    3º in Stage 2 East Japan Road Classic, Japan 
2016    6º in Tour de Okinawa, Japan 

2017    6º in Stage 4 Ronde van Japan, (Tour of Japan), Minami (Shimane), Japan 
2017    1º in Ishikawa Road Race, (Ishikawa), Ishikawa (Fukushima), Japan 
2017    2º in Miyada Hillclimb, (Miyada), Miyada (Nagano), Japan 
2017    3º in Kataoka, Kataoka (Shiga), Japan 
2017    3º in Japan Cup, (Utsunomiya-shi), Utsunomiya-shi (Tochigi), Japan 

2018    1º in Stage 1 Ronde van Japan, (Tour of Japan), Kyoto (Kyoto), Japan 
2018    9º in General Classification Tour de Kumano, Japan 
2018    5º in Stage 1 Nasu, Nasu (Tochigi), Japan 
2018    3º in Ishikawa Road Race, (Ishikawa), Ishikawa (Fukushima), Japan 
2018    3º in Oita Cycle Road Race, (Oita-shi), Oita-shi (Oita), Japan 
2018    16º in Japan Cup, (Utsunomiya-shi), Utsunomiya-shi (Tochigi), Japan 

Photo: © Utsunomiya Blitzen
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