Marc Somers

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Name: Marc
Family name: Somers
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 59 years
Date of birth: 28-06-1961
Place of birth: Duffel (Antwerpen), Belgium
Professional: 1983-1987


All races

1979    2º in Vlaams-Brabantse Pijl, (Korbeek-Lo, Juniors), Korbeek-Lo (Brabant), Belgium 
1979    1º in Stage 1 part b Jeugdtrofee, (Herentals, Juniors), Herentals (Antwerpen), Belgium 
1979    2º in General Classification Zemst, Juniors, Zemst (Brabant), Belgium 
1979    2º in Lummen, Juniors, Lummen (Limburg), Belgium 

1980    2º in National Championship, Road, Militaries, Belgium, Kachtem (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1980    3º in National Championship, Road, Juniors, Belgium, Aye (Luxembourg), Belgium 
1980    1º in Zemst, Amateurs (a), Zemst (Brabant), Belgium 

1981    2º in Brussel/Bruxelles - Opwijk, U23, Opwijk (Brabant), Belgium 
1981    1º in General Classification Vuelta Ciclista de Chile, Chile 
1981    1º in Diegem, Amateurs, Diegem (Brabant), Belgium 
1981    2º in Zellik, Amateurs, Zellik (Brabant), Belgium 
1981    1º in General Classification Tour de Bretagne, (Ruban Granitier Breton), France 
1981    2º in National Championship, Track, Pursuit, Amateurs,, Belgium, Langerbrugge (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1981    1º in Lubbeek, Amateurs, Lubbeek (Brabant), Belgium 
1981    2º in National Championship, Track, Team Pursuit, Amateurs, Belgium, Langerbrugge (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

1982    2º in Flèche d'Or, (Auxerre (a)), Auxerre (Bourgogne), France 
1982    3º in Troyes - Dijon, Dijon (Bourgogne), France 
1982    3º in Ronde van Vlaanderen, U23, Denderleeuw (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1982    1º in Kessel-Lo, Amateurs, Kessel-Lo (Brabant), Belgium 
1982    1º in Ophasselt, Amateurs, Ophasselt (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 
1982    1º in Celles, Chrono, Amateurs, Celles (Hainaut), Belgium  + Nico Emonds  + Rudy Rogiers  + Eric Vanderaerden 

1983    3º in GP Eddy Merckx, (Brussel/Bruxelles (a)), Brussel/Bruxelles (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest), Belgium 
1983    4º in Prologue Ronde van Catalonië, (Volta a Catalunya), Salou (Cataluña), Spain 

1984    1º in Prologue Ronde van Aragon, (Vuelta a Aragón), Spain 
1984    13º in Prologue Tour de France, Noisy-le-Sec (Ile-de-France), France 
1984    13º in Stage 1 Tour de France, Saint-Denis (Ile-de-France), France 
1984    155º in Stage 2 Tour de France, Louvroil (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
1984    110º in Stage 4 Tour de France, Béthune (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 
1984    138º in Stage 5 Tour de France, Cergy-Pontoise (Ile-de-France), France 
1984    128º in Stage 6 Tour de France, Alençon (Basse-Normandie), France 
1984    63º in Stage 7 Tour de France, Le Mans (Pays de la Loire), France 
1984    150º in Stage 8 Tour de France, Nantes (Pays de la Loire), France 
1984    130º in Stage 9 Tour de France, Bordeaux (Aquitaine), France 
1984    158º in Stage 10 Tour de France, Pau (Aquitaine), France 
1984    8º in GP Eddy Merckx, (Brussel/Bruxelles (a)), Brussel/Bruxelles (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest), Belgium 

1985    1º in Wachtebeke, Wachtebeke (Oost-Vlaanderen), Belgium 

1986    3º in Prologue Ronde van Nederland, Veenendaal (Utrecht), The Netherlands 
1986    1º in Druivenkoers, (Overijse), Overijse (Vlaams-Brabant), Belgium 
1986    2º in IC 2, (Wezembeek-Oppem), Wezembeek-Oppem (Brabant), Belgium 
1986    2º in Willebroek, Willebroek (Antwerpen), Belgium 

1987    1º in Prologue Vuelta a los Valles Mineros, Spain 
1987    3º in Prologue Ruta del Sol, (Vuelta a Andalucia), Almería (Andalucia), Spain 

Photo: © Willem Dingemanse
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Victories in the database: 13
Classification – Road – General Classification: 2
Road – Criterium: 1
Road – Stage: 2
Road – Individual Time Trial: 1
Road – Team Time Trial: 1
Road - Race: 6
Victories by team/year:
1983: 0 victories
1984: 1 victory
1985: 1 victory
1986: 1 victory
1987: 1 victory

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