Leopold Huybrechts

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Name: Leopold
Family name: Huybrechts
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 53 years
Date of birth: 17-04-1965
Place of birth:


All races

1981    3º in Provincial Championship Brabant, Road, Novices, Belgium, Zemst (Brabant), Belgium 

1984    1º in Schoonderbuken, Amateurs, Schoonderbuken (Brabant), Belgium 

1989    3º in Oplinter, Amateurs, Oplinter (Brabant), Belgium 

1991    2º in Hoegaarden, Amateurs, Hoegaarden (Brabant), Belgium 

1998    1º in Molenbeek-Wersbeek, Amateurs, Molenbeek-Wersbeek (Brabant), Belgium 

2000    1º in Willebringen, Amateurs, Willebringen (Brabant), Belgium 

2001    3º in Herk-de-Stad, Amateurs, Herk-de-Stad (Limburg), Belgium 

2002    2º in Goetsenhoven, Amateurs, Goetsenhoven (Brabant), Belgium 
2002    3º in Aarschot, Amateurs, Aarschot (Vlaams-Brabant), Belgium 

2009    4º in Hasselt Rapertingen, (Hasselt (g)), Hasselt (Limburg), Belgium 

2010    3º in Tienen-Oplinter Grote Prijs Café "De Kroeg", (Tienen), Tienen (Brabant), Belgium 
2010    4º in Herenthout (a), Herenthout (Antwerpen), Belgium 
2010    5º in Keerbergen (a), Keerbergen (Brabant), Belgium 
2010    1º in Grote Kermisprijs, (Tielt-Winge), Tielt-Winge (Brabant), Belgium 

2012    2º in Provincial Championship Vlaams-Brabant, Road, Elite w/o contract, Belgium, Wezembeek-Oppem (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    4º in Willebringen, Willebringen (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    4º in Herk-de-Stad (a), Herk-de-Stad (Limburg), Belgium 
2012    4º in Hoksem - Hoegaarden, Hoksem (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    4º in Halen-Zelk, (Halen (a)), Halen (Limburg), Belgium 
2012    5º in Grote Geteprijs, (Geetbets), Geetbets (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    2º in Puurs (c), Puurs (Antwerpen), Belgium 

2014    2º in Booischot, Elite/U23, Booischot (Antwerpen), Belgium 

Photo: courtesy Jean Bollaerts
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