Domenico Loria

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Name: Domenico
Family name: Loria
Nationality: Italy
Age: 37 years
Date of birth: 03-01-1981
Place of birth: Bari (Puglia), Italy

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1173
Points: 15.00





UCI Ranking



All races

2003    3º in Stage 3 Baby Giro, Asola (Lombardia), Italy 

2004    1º in Coppa A.C. Capannolese, (Capannole), Capannole (Toscana), Italy 
2004    2º in Stage 3 Baby Giro, Ponzano (Veneto), Italy 

2005    2º in Coppa Embassy Cargo, Italy 
2005    3º in National Championship, Road, Elite w/o contract, Italy, Italy 

2007    9º in Coppa Bernocchi, (Legnano), Legnano (Lombardia), Italy 
2007    1º in Stage 1 Tour du Sénégal, Senegal 
2007    1º in Stage 2 Tour du Sénégal, Senegal 
2007    2º in Stage 3 Tour du Sénégal, Somone (Thies), Senegal 
2007    2º in Stage 4 Tour du Sénégal, Saint-Louis (Saint-Louis), Senegal 
2007    1º in Stage 5 Tour du Sénégal, , Senegal 

2008    1º in Stage 1 GP Cycliste de Gemenc, , Hungary 
2008    2º in GP P-Nivo, Hungary 

2009    8º in Marco Pantani Memorial, Cesenatico (Emilia-Romagna), Italy 
2009    5º in Stage 4 Tour of Slovenia, Novo Mesto (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2009    6º in Stage 6 Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions Olympique, Łódź ( Łódzkie), Poland 
2009    4º in Stage 1 Vuelta Ciclista a Leon, Onzonilla (Castilla y Leon), Spain 
2009    2º in Stage 2 Vuelta Ciclista a Leon, Cembranos (Castilla y Leon), Spain 
2009    3º in Stage 3 Vuelta Ciclista a Leon, Benavides de Orbigo (Castilla y Leon), Spain 

Photo: courtesy Hugo Tack
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Victories in the database: 5
Road – Stage: 4
Road - Race: 1
Victories by team/year:
2005: 0 victories
2006: 0 victories
2007: 3 victories
2008: 1 victory
2009: 0 victories
2010: 0 victories

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