Žiga Jerman

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Name: Žiga
Family name: Jerman
Nationality: Slovenia
Age: 24 years
Date of birth: 26-06-1998
Place of birth:
Professional: 2017-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 1354
Points: 7.00





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2015    2º in GP dell'Arno, (Solbiate Arno, Juniors), Solbiate Arno (Lombardia), Italy 

2016    2º in Stage 3 Saarland Trofeo, (Trofeo Karlsberg, Juniors), Reinheim (Hessen), Germany 
2016    3º in National Championship, Road, Juniors, Slovenia, Domzale (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2016    1º in Trofeo Comune di Vertova, (Vertova, Juniors (a)), Vertova (Lombardia), Italy 
2016    2º in VN Avtomojster, (Medvode), Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2017    5º in Trofej Umag, (Umag Komunela), Umag Komunela (Istarska), Croatia 
2017    2º in Stage 3 Carpathia Couriers Path, Papanyoger (Veszprem), Hungary 
2017    2º in Medvode, Criterium, Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2017    10º in Stage 4 Tour of Slovenia, Novo Mesto (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2017    5º in National Championship, Road, Elite, Slovenia, Slovenia 
2017    1º in Stage 2 Tour of Hungary, (Tour de Hongrie), Siófok (Somogy), Hungary 
2017    4º in Šenčurja, (Šenčur), Šenčur (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2017    2º in GP Kranj, (Kranj), Kranj (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2017    3º in Croatia - Slovenia, (Ljubljana - Zagreb), Slovenia 
2017    2º in VN Avtomojster, (Medvode), Medvode (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2018    1º in Kattekoers - Gent-Wevelgem Sub 23, (Gent - Ieper), Belgium 
2018    5º in ZLM Tour, (GP Arjaan de Schipper), The Netherlands 
2018    8º in Stage 1 Tour of Croatia, Tour de Croatie, (Kroz Hrvatsku), Koprivnica (Koprivnicko-Krizevacka), Croatia 
2018    7º in Stage 2 Tour of Croatia, Tour de Croatie, (Kroz Hrvatsku), Zadar (Zagrebacka), Croatia 
2018    2º in Gran Premio della Liberazione, (Roma, U23), Roma (Lazio), Italy 
2018    5º in Stage 1 Tour de l'Avenir, Elven (Bretagne), France 
2018    5º in Stage 5 Tour de l'Avenir, Levroux (Centre), France 
2018    9º in Stage 3 Tour of Taihu Lake, Jinhu (Jiangxi), China 
2018    7º in Stage 4 Tour of Taihu Lake, Jiangyan (Jiangsu), China 
2018    6º in Stage 5 Tour of Taihu Lake, Haimen (Jiangsu), China 
2018    5º in Stage 7 Tour of Taihu Lake, Changxing (Jiangxi), China 

2019    6º in Ronde van Vlaanderen, U23, Belgium 
2019    5º in L´Etoile d´Or-G.P.Centre Presse, France 
2019    2º in Entre Brenne et Montmorillonnais, France 
2019    3º in GP Claude Criquielion, GP du Prèsident, (Deux-Acren), Deux-Acren (Hainaut), Belgium 
2019    9º in Paris - Roubaix, U23, France 
2019    2º in Stage 7 Tour de la Martinique, Saint Esprit , Martinique 
2019    2º in Šenčurja, (Šenčur), Šenčur (Bohinj), Slovenia 
2019    3º in Po ulicah Kranja, (Kranj, Criterium), Kranj (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2020    8º in Porec Trophy, Trofej Plava Laguna 1, (Porec), Porec (Istarska), Croatia 
2020    3º in Po ulicah Kranja, (Kranj, Criterium), Kranj (Bohinj), Slovenia 

2021    8º in Stage 2 Beograd - Banja Luka I, Bijeljina (Republika Srpska), Bosnia Hercegovina 
2021    6º in Stage 4 Beograd - Banja Luka I, Banja Luka (Republika Srpska), Bosnia Hercegovina 
2021    7º in General Classification Beograd - Banja Luka I, Serbia 
2021    2º in Stage 1 Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour, Charvieu (Rhone-Alpes), France 

Photo: © Groupama - FDJ
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Victories in the database: 3
Road – Stage: 1
Road - Race: 2
Victories by team/year:
2017: 1 victory
2018: 1 victory
2019: 0 victories
2020: 0 victories
2021: 0 victories
2022: 0 victories

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