Antwan Tolhoek

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Name: Antwan
Family name: Tolhoek
Nationality: The Netherlands
Age: 23 years
Date of birth: 29-04-1994
Place of birth: Yerseke (Zeeland), The Netherlands
Professional: 2015-

Cycling Archives ranking

Position: 994
Points: 80.00









UCI Ranking



All races

2014    4º in Maleizen-Overijse, (Maleizen), Maleizen (Brabant), Belgium 
2014    4º in Flobecq (a), Flobecq (Hainaut), Belgium 
2014    5º in Schepdaal, Schepdaal (Brabant), Belgium 
2014    4º in Boussières-sur-Sambre, Boussières-sur-Sambre (Nord-Pas-de-Calais), France 

2015    6º in Stage 4 Arctic Race of Norway, Narvik (Nordland), Norway 
2015    12º in General Classification Arctic Race of Norway, Norway 

2016    1º in Mountains classification Ronde van Zwitserland, (Tour de Suisse), Switzerland 
2016    8º in Stage 5 Ronde van Oostenrijk, (Österreich-Rundfahrt), Villach (Karnten), Austria 

2017    2º in Mountains classification Ronde van Polen, Polen-Rundfahrt, Tour of Poland, (Tour de Pologne), Poland 
2017    12º in Profronde van Zevenbergen, (Zevenbergen, Omnium), The Netherlands 
2017    9º in Stage 18 Ronde van Spanje, (Vuelta a España), Potes (Cantabria), Spain 
2017    18º in Stage 19 Ronde van Spanje, (Vuelta a España), Gijón (Asturias), Spain 
2017    28º in General Classification Ronde van Spanje, (Vuelta a España), Spain 
2017    66º in Delta Tour Zeeland, (Ronde van Zeeland Seaports - Tacx Pro Classic), The Netherlands 
2017    4º in Japan Cup, (Utsunomiya-shi), Japan 

2018    16º in General Classification Abu Dhabi Tour, United Arab Emirates 

Photo: © Henri Potappel
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Victories in the database: 1
Classification – Road – Mountains Classification: 1
Victories by team/year:
2015: 0 victories
2016: 1 victory
2017: 0 victories
2018: 0 victories

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