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  Thorembais-les-BĂ©guines, Grand Prix Perwez Divertissement  (Belgium)
  Thorenc, Cyclo-cross, Championnat Alpes Maritimes  (France)
  Thoricourt (F)  (Belgium)
  Thorigny  (France)
  Thorigny, GP Gustave Beignon  (France)
  Thorigny-sur-Marne  (France)
  Thorn  (The Netherlands)
  Thornaby, Criterium, Thornaby Criterium  (Great Britain)
  Thornaby, Cyclo-cross, Stockton Wheelers, Stainsby Wood Cyclo Cross  (Great Britain)
  Thornbury  (Great Britain)
  Thorne, Chrono, Thorne Paragon 25 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Thorner, Leeds R.R.C. Spring Criteriums  (Great Britain)
  Thorner, Juniors, Leeds R.R.C. Spring Junior Criteriums  (Great Britain)
  Thorsager  (Denmark)
  Thorsager, Juniors  (Denmark)
  Thorverton, Tom Hawkins Memorial  (Great Britain)
  ThouarĂ©-sur-Loire - Verger, Trophee Loire Atlantique  (France)
  Thouars, Cyclo-cross  (France)
  Thousand Oaks, Ventura County Classic  (United States of America)
  Thousand Oaks, Cyclo-cross  (United States of America)
  Thrakomakedones, Olympic Village Tour  (Greece)
  Thrapston, Kettering Amateur C.C. Hilly Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Thrapston, Chrono, Nene Valley 100 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Thrapston, Criterium, Thrapston, Mackeson, Elite, Criterium  (Great Britain)
  Thredbo Village, Downhill  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Downhill (F)  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Mountainbike, Cross-country Olympic  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Mountainbike (F), Cross-country Olympic  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Mountainbike, Juniors  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Mountainbike, Juniors (F), Cross-country Olympic  (Australia)
  Thredbo Village, Mountainbike, U23  (Australia)
  Three Bridges, Newtown Spring Classic  (Great Britain)
  Three Corners Criterium  (Egypt)
  Three Provinces Cycling Challenge  (South Africa)
  Three Village Tour  (United States of America)
  Thulin, Amateurs, Thulin  (Belgium)
  Thulin, Novices  (Belgium)
  Thun  (Switzerland)
  Thun (F)  (Switzerland)
  Thun, Chrono  (Switzerland)
  Thurcroft  (Great Britain)
  Thurcroft, Universal Contractors Thurcroft Grand Prix  (Great Britain)
  Thurcroft, Juniors, Sheffield Highgate Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Thurles, Criterium  (Ireland)
  Thy, Thy CR  (Denmark)
  Thy (a), Destination Thy  (Denmark)
  Tianmenshan, Tianmenshan Hill Climb  (China)
  Tibi, Mountainbike  (Spain)
  Tibi, Mountainbike (F)  (Spain)
  Tibi, Mountainbike, Juniors  (Spain)
  Tibi, Mountainbike, Juniors (F)  (Spain)
  Tibro, Mountainbike  (Sweden)
  Tickhill, Criterium  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (b), Tideswell Two Day  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (c), Sheffield Sports Two Day  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (c), Close Ratio Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (d), Mason Trophy  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (d), Tideswell Carnival  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (e), Tideswell Circuit Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Tideswell (f), Veterans - Tideswell Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Tiegem - Waregem, Amateurs, Tiegem - Ronse - Waregem  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Amateurs, Tiegem  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F)  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Juniors  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Juniors (F)  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Novices  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Cyclo-cross, Novices (F)  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Independant  (Belgium)
  Tiegem, Novices  (Belgium)
  Tiel, Profronde van Tiel  (The Netherlands)
  Tiel (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Tiel (F) (a), Profronde van Tiel, Cityronde van Tiel  (The Netherlands)
  Tiel, Derny  (The Netherlands)
  Tiel, U23, Omloop van Medel  (The Netherlands)
  Tielen  (Belgium)
  Tielen (F)  (Belgium)
  Tielen, Amateurs, Tielen  (Belgium)
  Tielen, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B  (Belgium)
  Tielen, Novices  (Belgium)
  Tielen, Novices (F)  (Belgium)
  Tielrode (F)  (Belgium)
  Tielrode, Amateurs  (Belgium)
  Tielrode, Cyclo-cross  (Belgium)
  Tielrode, Independant  (Belgium)
  Tielrode, Juniors  (Belgium)
  Tielt, Tielt - Antwerpen - Tielt  (Belgium)
  Tielt, Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tielt  (Belgium)
  Tielt (a), Tielt - West-Vlaanderen  (Belgium)
  Tielt (F), Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tielt  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Grote Kermisprijs  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge - Testelt, Amateurs  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge (F), Omloop van het Hageland - Tielt-Winge  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Amateurs  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Cyclo-cross  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Juniors  (Belgium)
  Tielt-Winge, Novices  (Belgium)