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  Yaiza  (Spain)
  Yalova, Mountainbike  (Turkey)
  Yalova, Mountainbike (F), Yalova Aksa XCO Cup  (Turkey)
  Yalova, Mountainbike, Elite/U23, Yalova Aksa XCO Cup  (Turkey)
  Yalta  (Russia)
  Yalta, Downhill  (Ukraine)
  Yalta, Downhill (F)  (Ukraine)
  Yam Festival Road Race  (Jamaica)
  Yamaguchi  (Japan)
  Yamaguchi-shi, Downhill  (Japan)
  Yamaguchi-shi, Downhill (F)  (Japan)
  Yamhill  (United States of America)
  Yamoussokro, GP Jean-Hélène  (Cote d'Ivoire)
  Yanbian International  (China)
  Yanfolila - Bougouni  (Mali)
  Yangon - Pyay - Mandalay - Yangon  (Myanmar)
  Yangtze River Delta Race  (China)
  Yangyang, Keirin  (South-Korea)
  Yangyang, Keirin (F)  (South-Korea)
  Yanqing County  (China)
  Yanqing, Cyclo-cross, China International Cyclo-cross event  (China)
  Yanqing, Cyclo-cross (F)  (China)
  Yaoundé - Akono, Entraînement Collectif  (Cameroon)
  Yarborough, Criterium  (Great Britain)
  Yarmouth, Yarmouth Clam Festival  (United States of America)
  Yarmouth (a)  (United States of America)
  Yarmouth, Cyclo-cross, Great Yarmouth & Gorleston Wheelers Cyclo Cross  (Great Britain)
  Yarra, Yarra Bend  (Australia)
  Yarrawonga  (Australia)
  Yarrawonga (a)  (Australia)
  Yasu, Cyclo-cross, Yasu City  (Japan)
  Yasu, Cyclo-cross (F), Yasu City  (Japan)
  Yasugawa, Cyclo-cross, Kansai series#2  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike, Yawatahama City  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike (F), Yawatahama City  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike, Juniors, Yawatahama City  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike, Juniors (F)  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike, U23  (Japan)
  Yawatahama-shi, Mountainbike, U23 (F)  (Japan)
  Yazd  (Iran)
  Ybbs, Chrono  (Austria)
  Ybbs, Chrono (F)  (Austria)
  Ychippe, Amateurs, Ychippe-Leignon  (Belgium)
  Yelverton, Jackson the Tailors Dartmoor Grand Prix  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (a), Yelverton Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (b), Three Oaks Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (c), Remington Shaver Two Day  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (d), West Country Early Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (e), West Dartmoor - A.P.R.  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (f), Peter Russell Memorial  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (g), Plymouth Premier Criterium  (Great Britain)
  Yelverton (h), West Dartmoor Junior Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yenice, Mountainbike  (Turkey)
  Yenice, Mountainbike (F)  (Turkey)
  Yenice, Mountainbike, Juniors  (Turkey)
  Yenice, Mountainbike, Juniors (F)  (Turkey)
  Yeovil, John Andrews Memorial  (Great Britain)
  Yeovil, Cyclo-cross, Yeovil C.C. Martock Cyclo Cross  (Great Britain)
  Yeovil, Cyclo-cross, Circuit of Ham Hill Cyclo Cross  (Great Britain)
  Yeovil, Juniors, Pittard Trophy Junior Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yepes, Mountainbike  (Spain)
  Yepes, Mountainbike (F)  (Spain)
  Yerevan, Criterium  (Armenia)
  Yermasoyia, Mountainbike, Race Under The Sun  (Cyprus)
  Yermasoyia, Mountainbike (F), Race Under The Sun  (Cyprus)
  Yermasoyia, Mountainbike, Elite/U23, Sunshine Cup  (Cyprus)
  Yermasoyia, Mountainbike, U23, Race Under The Sun  (Cyprus)
  Yeroskipos, Tour of Yeroskipos  (Cyprus)
  Yerseke  (The Netherlands)
  Yerseke (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Yerseke, Amateurs  (The Netherlands)
  Yilan  (Taiwan)
  Yinggen, Cyclo-cross  (China)
  Yinggen, Cyclo-cross (F)  (China)
  YNLI Pancake Race  (United States of America)
  Yolo, Dunnigan Hills  (United States of America)
  Yopougon, GP de la Fédération de Côte Ivoire  (Cote d'Ivoire)
  York  (Great Britain)
  York, Morley C.C. Couple Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  York, Denison Grand Prix  (Great Britain)
  York (a), York Dairy Festival  (Great Britain)
  York (a), Clifton C.C. Road Race  (Great Britain)
  York (c), Condor R.C. 25 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  York, Chrono, Clifton C.C. 50 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  York, Criterium, Rufforth Circuit  (Great Britain)
  York, Cyclo-cross  (Great Britain)
  York, Cyclo-cross (F)  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire, Great Yorkshire  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (a), East Yorkshire Classic  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (b), Yorkshire Clarion Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (c), Yorkshire Grand Prix  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (e), Middleton R.C. 10 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (F), Tour de Yorkshire  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (F), Central District Ladies C.A. 10 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (f), Yorkshire V.T.T.A. 25 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (f), Holme Valley Wheelers 50 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (F) (a), Middleton R.C. 10 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire (g), Spartan Wheelers 25 Time Trial  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire 3 day, Tour de Yorkshire Three Day  (Great Britain)
  Yorkshire, Cyclo-cross, Three Peaks Cyclo Cross  (Great Britain)