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  U6 Cycle Tour Tidaholm  (Sweden)
  U6 Cycle Tour Tidaholm (F)  (Sweden)
  UAE International Emirates Post Tour  (United Arab Emirates)
  UAE Road Race 1  (United Arab Emirates)
  UAE Road Race 2  (United Arab Emirates)
  Ubach over Worms  (The Netherlands)
  Ubatuba, Gran Cup Brasil  (Brazil)
  Uberlândia, Six Days  (Brazil)
  UCI Africa Tour
  UCI America Tour
  UCI Asia Tour
  UCI Europe Tour
  UCI Oceania Tour
  UCI ProTour
  UCI Ranking, Cyclo-cross
  UCI Ranking, Cyclo-cross (F)
  UCI Ranking, Cyclo-cross, Juniors
  UCI Road Ranking
  UCI Road Ranking, U23
  UCI World Tour
  UCSD Road Race  (United States of America)
  UCSD Time Trial  (United States of America)
  Uden  (The Netherlands)
  Uden (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Uden, Amateurs  (The Netherlands)
  Udenhout  (The Netherlands)
  Udenhout (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Prosné # 1  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Prosné # 2  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross (F), Prosné # 1  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross (F), Prosné # 2  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Juniors, Prosné # 1  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Juniors, Prosné # 2  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Novices, Prosné # 2  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Novices, Prosné # 1  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Novices (F), Prosné # 2  (Slovakia)
  Udica, Cyclo-cross, Novices (F), Prosné # 1  (Slovakia)
  Udine  (Italy)
  Udine, Cyclo-cross  (Italy)
  Udmurt Republic Stage Race  (Russia)
  Udon Thani (F), Udon Thani's Anniversary International Cycling  (Thailand)
  Udondo  (Spain)
  Udupi, Udupi Cyclothon  (India)
  Uedem, Runde von Uedem  (Germany)
  Uelzen, Uelzener City Night  (Germany)
  Ufa Stage Race  (Russia)
  Uganda Race  (Uganda)
  Ugley (a), Sogat Two Day  (Great Britain)
  Ugley (c), Comrades Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Ugley (d), Bob Tregoning Memorial  (Great Britain)
  Ugley (d), Crest Autumn Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Ugley (e), Crest Spring Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Ugley (e), Crest Summer Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Uikhoven, Juniors  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B, Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F), Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Juniors, Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Juniors (F), Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Novices, Berlare  (Belgium)
  Uitbergen, Novices  (Belgium)
  Uithoorn (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Uithuizen  (The Netherlands)
  Uithuizen (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Uithuizermeeden, Ronde van Groningen  (The Netherlands)
  Uitvlugt, Father's Day Race  (Guyana)
  UIV Cup, U23
  Ukiah  (United States of America)
  Ukkel/Uccle, Ukkel/Uccle-Sint-Job  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle (a)  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle (F)  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle, Amateurs  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle, Cyclo-cross  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle, Independant  (Belgium)
  Ukkel/Uccle, Novices  (Belgium)
  Ulan-Ude  (Russia)
  Ulbeek, Ulbeek-Wellen  (Belgium)
  Ulbeek, Novices  (Belgium)
  Ulestraten  (The Netherlands)
  Ulft (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Uliczne Sokolce  (Poland)
  Ulldecona, Volta Ciclista al Montsiá  (Spain)
  Ullenhall, Redditch Road and Path Road Race  (Great Britain)
  Ullenhall, Shirley R.C. Jubilee Classic  (Great Britain)
  Ullenhall, Veterans - Shirley R.C. - Prix des Cavaliers  (Great Britain)
  Ullensaker Grand Prix, Elite/U23, Kalas Cup  (Norway)
  Ullensaker Grand Prix, Elite/U23 (F), Kalas Cup  (Norway)
  Ullensaker Grand Prix, Juniors, Kalas Cup/Norgescup  (Norway)
  Ullensaker Grand Prix, Juniors (F), Kalas Cup/Norgescup  (Norway)
  Ullensaker/Hero Grand Prix, Kalas Cup/Norgescup  (Norway)
  Ullensaker/Hero Grand Prix (F), Kalas Cup/Norgescup  (Norway)
  Ulm  (Germany)
  Ulster Championships, Road, Elite, Ireland  (Ireland)
  Ulvenhout  (The Netherlands)
  Ulvenhout (a)  (The Netherlands)
  Ulvenhout (F)  (The Netherlands)
  Ulvenhout, Amateurs, Ronde van Ulvenhout  (The Netherlands)
  Ulvenhout, Cyclo-cross  (The Netherlands)
  Ulverstone  (Australia)
  Ulverstone (a)  (Australia)