Mustapha Faci

Name: Mustapha
Family name: Faci
Nationality: Algeria
Date of birth: 00-00-0000
Place of birth:


2011    Groupement Sportif Pétrolier AlgérieALGGeneral Manager
2016    Sharjah TeamUAETeam Manager
2018    SharjahUAETeam Manager

Victories by team/year

2011 Groupement Sportif Pétrolier Algérie:
28-01-2011    Aïn Bénian Youcef Reguigui
06-02-2011    Souk Ahras Abdelmalek Madani
06-05-2011    Marrakech (b) Azzedine Lagab
28-05-2011    Blida (a) Azzedine Lagab
04-06-2011    Stage 1 Trophée Fédéral Azzedine Lagab
05-06-2011    Stage 2 Trophée Fédéral Abdellah Ben Youcef
05-06-2011    General Classification Trophée Fédéral Azzedine Lagab
23-06-2011    National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Algeria Azzedine Lagab
26-06-2011    National Championship, Road, Elite, Algeria Youcef Reguigui
26-06-2011    National Championship, Road, U23, Algeria Youcef Reguigui
28-06-2011    Stage 2 Tour of Algeria Azzedine Lagab
29-06-2011    Stage 3 Tour of Algeria Youcef Reguigui
01-07-2011    General Classification Tour of Algeria Azzedine Lagab
02-07-2011    Alger (f) Azzedine Lagab
15-08-2011    Challenge Spécial Ramadan Abdellah Ben Youcef
22-10-2011    Stage 2 Tour du Faso Azzedine Lagab
23-10-2011    Stage 3 Tour du Faso Abdelmalek Madani
25-10-2011    Stage 5 Tour du Faso Azzedine Lagab
27-10-2011    Stage 7 Tour du Faso Youcef Reguigui
27-11-2011    Zeralda Azzedine Lagab

2016 Sharjah Team:
12-02-2016    Stage 2 Tour de Mascara Abderrahmane Bechlagheme
13-02-2016    Stage 3 Tour de Mascara Abdelbasset Hannachi
01-04-2016    Stage 3 Tour de Sidi Bel Abbes Abdelbasset Hannachi
23-04-2016    Stage 1 Tour du Sénégal Abderrahmane Mansouri
24-05-2016    General Classification Tour de Tunisie Abderrahmane Mansouri
16-06-2016    National Championship, Road, Elite, Algeria Abderrahmane Mansouri
23-10-2016    UCI Africa Tour Tesfom Okubamariam
20-11-2016    Stage 7 Tour de Rwanda Tesfom Okubamariam

2018 Sharjah:
29-04-2018    Prologue Tour National de Mostaghanem Abderrahmane Mansouri
02-05-2018    Stage 3 Tour National de Mostaghanem Oussama Mansouri
02-05-2018    General Classification Tour National de Mostaghanem Oussama Mansouri
05-05-2018    Stage 2 Tour International d'Oranie Oleksandr Golovash
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