Five rings of Moscow 2010

Date: 10-05-2010
Distance: km
Classification – Road – General Classification
Departure: Moscou (Moscou City), Russia
Arrival: Moscou (Moscou City), Russia
Category UCI: 2.2
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1 Sergey Firsanov  RUSin  12h 49m 05s
2 Sergey Rudaskov  RUSat 01m 58s
3 Vitaliy Popkov  UKRat 02m 01s
4 Evgeny Reshetko  RUSat 02m 37s
5 Maxim Belkov  RUSat 02m 39s
6 Anton Samokhvalov  RUSat 02m 40s
7 Dimitry Samokhvalov  RUSat 02m 41s
8 Alexandr Arekeev  RUSat 03m 04s
9 Žsolt Dér  HUNat 03m 08s
10 Yauheni Sobal  BLRat 03m 12s

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