Telenet - Fidea 2017           

Name of the teamTelenet - Fidea
from - until 01-01-2017 - 31-12-2017
Category UCICT
Bikes Trek
Team Manager     Kris Wouters
Assistent Team Manager     Sven Vanthourenhout

Team Composition

 Aernouts, Jim
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Aerts, Thijs
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Aerts, Toon
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Baestaens, Vincent
from 01-05-2017 until 31-07-2017
 Bekaert, Yentl
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Cleppe, Nicolas
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Goeman, Andreas
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Hermans, Quinten
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Meeusen, Tom
from 01-01-2017 until 25-04-2017
 Nagengast, Fleur
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 The Netherlands
 Pidcock, Thomas
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Great Britain
 Soete, Daan
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Van Der Haar, Lars
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 The Netherlands
 Van Kessel, Corné
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 The Netherlands
 Van Loy, Ellen
from 01-01-2017 until 31-12-2017
 Verschueren, Jolien
from 01-01-2017 until 28-02-2017

Victories this year

All races

01-01-2017    Baal, Cyclo-cross Toon Aerts
04-01-2017    Surhuisterveen, Cyclo-cross Corné Van Kessel
08-01-2017    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Juniors, Great Britain Thomas Pidcock
08-01-2017    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23, Belgium Quinten Hermans
21-01-2017    Rucphen, Cyclo-cross Lars Van Der Haar
22-01-2017    Hoogerheide, Cyclo-cross Lars Van Der Haar
22-01-2017    Hoogerheide, Cyclo-cross, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
28-01-2017    World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
04-02-2017    Lille, Cyclo-cross, U23 Quinten Hermans
11-02-2017    General Classification Superprestige, Cyclo-cross, U23 Quinten Hermans
12-02-2017    Hulst, Cyclo-cross, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
21-02-2017    UCI Ranking, Cyclo-cross, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
09-04-2017    Paris - Roubaix, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
27-05-2017    Durham Thomas Pidcock
30-05-2017    Booischot (c) Vincent Baestaens
28-06-2017    Oetingen Toon Aerts
31-07-2017    National Championship, Track, Scratch, Juniors, Great Britain Thomas Pidcock
02-09-2017    Stage 2 GP Rüebliland, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
03-09-2017    General Classification GP Rüebliland, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
03-09-2017    Kessel, Cyclo-cross, Elite/U23 (F) Ellen Van Loy
16-09-2017    Knesselare, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B Andreas Goeman
19-09-2017    World Championship, Road, ITT, Juniors Thomas Pidcock
30-09-2017    Neerpelt, Cyclo-cross (F) Ellen Van Loy
08-10-2017    Ronse, Cyclo-cross Lars Van Der Haar
21-10-2017    Boom, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
22-10-2017    Koksijde, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
24-10-2017    Woerden, Cyclo-cross Lars Van Der Haar
29-10-2017    Abergavenny, Cyclo-cross Thomas Pidcock
29-10-2017    Contern, Cyclo-cross Daan Soete
01-11-2017    Koppenberg, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
11-11-2017    Niel, Cyclo-cross Toon Aerts
11-11-2017    Unicov, Cyclo-cross Daan Soete
12-11-2017    Gavere, Cyclo-cross (F) Ellen Van Loy
12-11-2017    Gavere, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
18-11-2017    Uitbergen, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B Yentl Bekaert
19-11-2017    Bogense, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
02-12-2017    Hasselt, Cyclo-cross Corné Van Kessel
17-12-2017    Namur, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
26-12-2017    Zolder, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock
30-12-2017    Diegem, Cyclo-cross, U23 Thomas Pidcock

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