Telenet - Fidea 2011           

Name of the teamTelenet - Fidea
from - until 01-01-2011 - 31-12-2011
Category UCICT
Bikes Ridley
Team Manager     Danny De Bie
General Manager     Hans Van Kasteren

Team Composition

 Adams, Joeri
from 01-08-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Dlask, Petr
from 01-01-2011 until 28-02-2011
 Czech Republic
 Gavenda, Róbert
from 01-01-2011 until 31-07-2011
 Grand, Arnaud
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Hník, Karel
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Czech Republic
 Jouffroy, Arnaud
from 01-06-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Meeusen, Tom
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Pauwels, Kevin
from 01-01-2011 until 28-02-2011
 Peeters, Rob
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 Štybar, Zdeněk
from 01-01-2011 until 28-02-2011
 Czech Republic
 Van Empel, Micki
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 The Netherlands
 Van Kessel, Corné
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011
 The Netherlands
 Wellens, Bart
from 01-01-2011 until 31-12-2011

Victories this year

All races

08-01-2011    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite, Czech Republic Zdeněk Štybar
09-01-2011    National Championship, Cyclo-cross, U23, Switzerland Arnaud Grand
10-01-2011    Otegem, Cyclo-cross Kevin Pauwels
15-01-2011    Huijbergen, Cyclo-cross Tom Meeusen
16-01-2011    Pontchâteau, Cyclo-cross Kevin Pauwels
22-01-2011    Zonnebeke, Cyclo-cross Rob Peeters
30-01-2011    World Championship, Cyclo-cross, Elite Zdeněk Štybar
05-02-2011    Lille, Cyclo-cross Kevin Pauwels
13-02-2011    Heerlen, Cyclo-cross Kevin Pauwels
19-02-2011    Valkenburg aan de Geul, Cyclo-cross Bart Wellens
23-02-2011    Hasselt, Cyclo-cross Zdeněk Štybar
03-06-2011    Averbode, Mountainbike Tom Meeusen
18-06-2011    Stage 6 Kroz Srbiju Tom Meeusen
11-09-2011    Wiekevorst, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B Corné Van Kessel
18-09-2011    Issaquah, Cyclo-cross Bart Wellens
18-09-2011    Koningshooikt, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B Corné Van Kessel
25-09-2011    Sun Prairie, Cyclo-cross (a) Bart Wellens
16-10-2011    Eversel, Cyclo-cross, Cat. B Corné Van Kessel
23-10-2011    Contern, Cyclo-cross Joeri Adams
17-12-2011    Essen, Cyclo-cross Bart Wellens
18-12-2011    Namur, Cyclo-cross, U23 Arnaud Jouffroy
31-12-2011    Terezin, Cyclo-cross Karel Hník

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