Olivier Poppe

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Name: Olivier
Family name: Poppe
Nationality: Belgium
Age: 29 years
Date of birth: 08-04-1992
Place of birth: Namur (Namur), Belgium
Professional: 2012-2014


All races

2012    3º in Provinciaal Kampioenschap Waals-Brabant - Namen - Luxemburg, Road, U23, Belgium, Agimont (Namur), Belgium 
2012    5º in GROTE PRIJS FAMILIE VAN DOORSLAER, (Wolvertem), Wolvertem (Brabant), Belgium 
2012    4º in Jeuk-Gingelom, (Gingelom (a)), Gingelom (Limburg), Belgium 
2012    2º in Kerniel-Borgloon, (Kerniel), Kerniel (Limburg), Belgium 

2013    5º in Walhain (a), Walhain (Brabant), Belgium 

Photo: © T.Palm - Pôle Continental Wallon
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